As a police officer, firefighter, EMT personnel, or paramedic, your duty is to actively protect your community in the most effective way possible. During severe conditions such as natural disasters, first responders rely upon uninterrupted two-way radio communications. In addition to reliable two-way radio communications, these professionals depend on reliable two-way radio accessories for optimal performance during these tough conditions.


Natural Disasters and Communication

Over the last few years, natural disaster occurrences including earthquakes, snowstorms, and hurricanes have been on the rise. Surviving them relies heavily on preparing yourself and your team members for what is expected to come. Some vital items you’ll need to have on standby are clean water, flashlights, a first aid kit, and most importantly, a portable line of communication. Having reliable means of communication just may save the life of someone counting on you.

Winter storm Jonas, which recently hit the east coast has left many states enduring over 30 inches of snow. The storm caused numerous vehicle accidents, power outages, missing person reports, damaged properties, and deadly conditions for the homeless. During these difficult times, law enforcement professionals and safety officials are relied upon to provide assistance to those in need. This is why it is imperative that they are able to perform their duties dependably and with precision. 

Two-way radio systems offer law enforcement and medical personnel unmatched dependability during times of harsh weather conditions. 911 calls increase dramatically and two-way radio communications are relied upon more than ever for first responders. Two-way radio systems provide better network security because they use closed networks. In addition to better security, two-way radio systems provide improved connection quality and coverage compared to cell phones.

The most notable issues with cell phone use during catastrophic conditions are their very short battery life, lack of service during harsh weather, and low dependability when service lines have been obstructed. Radio headsets paired with efficient two-way radio accessories can provide a lifesaving solution during moments when you need communication the most. To yield the maximum benefits of these 2 way radios, it’s important to utilize 2-way radio accessories for optimal safety during the next natural disaster or emergency situation. Some of the most important accessories include:

Motorola Noise-Cancelling Remote Speaker

In severe conditions, it’s important that you have an open line of communication and are clearly understood. Harsh circumstances do not always provide the best atmosphere to hear incoming instructions or information clearly. A noise cancelling remote speaker will help you and your team easily pinpoint locations, understand hazardous conditions, or prioritize response measures which are dependent upon the clarity of the information received. This will further allow for team members to effectively prioritize a victim’s needs and send the right classification of assistance.

An Extra Set of 2 Way Radio Batteries

The numerous power outages during the blizzard Jonas made it nearly impossible to keep devices active and connected. There is no use relying on a radio headset without stocking up on a few extra batteries to keep it running when there’s no electricity to use a charger. You need reliability that could save your life or the lives of those around you. An extra set of 2-way radio batteries could be the deciding factor.

2 Way Radio Travel Charger

Winter storm Jonas was officially declared a state of emergency situation in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C, and Pennsylvania. The storm quickly became extremely dangerous, causing emergency teams to be split up in order to provide wider coverage. A 2-way radio travel charger is crucial to ensure your two way radio is ready to go for as long as you are. 

Motorola Antenna

Antennas can substantially improve your connections and reduce the amount of dropped calls that occur. Motorola is one of the top brands for two-way radio accessories, offering quality, dependability, and long-lasting use.

Better Safety, Better Protection

2-way radios combined with Motorola accessories can offer you and your team peace of mind the next time a natural disaster warning arises. Protect the public, yourself, and those who serve with you today. When the next disaster hits and you’re found without one, it may be too late to respond with the confidence and precision you need. Will you and your team be prepared when the next snowstorm or other natural disaster takes place?

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