GSA Contract#GS35F228BA

GSA Contract# GS35F228BA Renews February 28, 2019

Waveband is now able to provide a wide variety of communication products on GSA to simplify the acquisition process.  To obtaina copy of our comprehensive GSA catalog GSA authorized users should contact our government sales department by calling 800-806-1076,or emailing sales@wvbandcoms.comTo view our 1,000 plus GSA approved products search Waveband Communications on the GSA e-library home page.


Simplify the acquisition  process by:


ü  Realizing cost savings by receiving a negotiated price that was determined fair and reasonable by the GSA


ü,Save time & money schedule orders average 15 days while open market, orders average 268days.


ü Control the purchase so you receive the product you need.


ü  Receive Volume Discount Pricing


üReceive FAR Complaint Products


Note: Only products published on GSA e-library are GSA approved and complaint.