Harris M/A-Com P5100 Accessories

The Harris M/A-Com P5100 radio has been in operation for over a decade, and is the prefered radio of U.S. troops worldwide. We deliver Harris M/A-Com P5100 accessories that help make the most of your radio assets.

Each of our fully-compatible Harris M/A-Com P5100 accessories from Waveband Communications meet exacting standards for performance, durability and dependability.

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WV-KRE1011219/2 Helical Coil Antenna for Harris M/A-Com P7100/P5100/P5400. 150-162Mhz

WV-KRE1011219/2 Helical Coil Antenna for Harris M/A-Com P7100/P5100/P5400. 150-162Mhz
$29.99 $23.89


BATTERY FOR HARRIS P7100 - 7.5 V / 2500 mAh / 18.8 Wh / NiMH / IS.
$109.00 $84.00

WV-SPWH14832 Stubby Whip Standard - 1/4 782-882 Mhz antenna for Harris P7300 Series Radio

WV-SPWH14832 Stubby Whip Standard - 1/4" 782-882 Mhz antenna for Harris P7300 Series Radio.
$24.50 $19.50

2700 mAh Battery for M/A-Com Harris Public Safety Radios

High quality replacement for the Ericsson BNH-BKB1210 radio battery, designed to meet or exceed the original Ericsson BNH-BKB1210 radio battery in quality, durability, and performance.This radio battery comes with a one year warranty.
$69.00 $66.30

3 Wire Surveillance Kit for Harris M/A Com P7300, P5500, P5400, P5300, and XG-75 Portables. WB# WV1-15024-E4-HR

3 Wire Surveillance kit for Harris M/A Com Series Radio. compatible with P7300, P5500, P5400,P5300, and XG-75 Portables. Three-wire (3 wire) surveillance kit with 3.5mm pigtail for plug in use of any 3.5mm earphone such as walkman or I-POD ear phones.
$99.00 $64.50

4100 mAh Two Way Radio Battery

Replacement battery for BKB191210/36. The 4100 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery is tested and approved for use by the U.S. Military, Police Forces, and Fire Departments nationwide. Comparable to Harris / Tyco / M/A-Com XPPA3A.
$99.00 $84.97

5080386B90 Motorola Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack - WB# WC101206

Regular Clear Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack.
$24.50 $22.00

700P / P7100 / P7130 P7150 / P7170 / P5100 / P5130 / P5150 Jaguar Quick Disconnect UDC Speaker Behind-the-Head Headset M/A COM Jaguar WB# WV-10450-HR

Hirose Quick Disconnect UDC Speaker Behind-the-head headset with noise-canceling boom mic.
$161.00 $79.99