Harris P5300 Accessories|MaCom P5300 Accessories

The Harris Ma/Com P5300 series 2-way radio is relied upon as a mission critical tool for public safety personnel. Trust Waveband for compatible, high quality, performance tested Harris Ma/Com P5300 accessories.

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Our Harris radio accessories undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure the highest level of dependability. Selection your Haris P5300 radio accessory category below: 

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Heavy Duty Throat Microphone. Dual microphone elements pick up sound directly from users throat, so very little ambient noise is heard.

Tactical, heavy-duty throat microphone with acoustic earphone Blocks background noise by picking up the sound of the user's voice directly from vocal chord vibration. Uses the Waveband large TACTICAL TOUCH Push-To-Talk (PTT) New single piece microphone for comfort with performance Heavy-duty construction, featuring polyurethane cable, rubber, and high-impact polycarbonate. Clear acoustic tube style surveillance earphone made of heavy grade surgical tubing. Large PTT button for tactical set-up.
$299.00 $179.00

Noise Cancelling Headset for Harris M/A-Com Radios

Behind-the-head Dual Speaker with Noise Cancelling Boom Microphone and In-Line PTT. For Harris M/A-Com XG-75, XG-25, P5300, P5400, P7350, P7370, P7300.
$399.00 $179.00

WV-LE234066LIIS 2000 Mah Lithium Ion Battery for Harris Ma/Com P5300, P5400, & XG-75 Portable Radios

WV-LE234066LIIS 2000 Mah Lithium Ion Battery for Harris Ma/Com P5300, P5400, & XG-75 Portable Radios
$109.00 $99.00

Public Safety Grade Heavy Duty Speaker Mic for HARRIS M/A-COM / TYCO: P5300 Series, P5400 Series, P7300 Series, & XG-75 series potable radios. WB# WX-8000-M4-3.5mm

Public safety grade, waterproof Speaker Mic w/ hi/lo volume switch and 3.5mm audio jac for Harris P5300, P5400, P7300 & XG-75 series radio.
$99.99 $79.94

3 Wire Surveillance Kit for Harris M/A Com P7300, P5500, P5400, P5300, and XG-75 Portables. WB# WV1-15024-E4-HR

3 Wire Surveillance kit for Harris M/A Com Series Radio. compatible with P7300, P5500, P5400,P5300, and XG-75 Portables. Three-wire (3 wire) surveillance kit with 3.5mm pigtail for plug in use of any 3.5mm earphone such as walkman or I-POD ear phones.
$99.00 $64.50

5080386B90 Motorola Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack - WB# WC101206

Regular Clear Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack.
$24.50 $22.00

BT-023406-003 Harris P7300 Battery 2700mAh NiMH WB# WV-BT-023406-003

Harris P7300 Battery 2700mAh NiMH. Compatible Portable Two Way Radio Models: Harris P5300 Harris P5370 Harris P5400 Harris P5450 Harris P5470 Harris P7300 Harris P7350 Harris P7370
$99.00 $89.99

BT-023406-005 BATTERY FOR HARRIS P5400 SERIES - 7.4V / 2500 mAh / Li-Ion WB# WV-BT-023406-005

Waveband BT-023406 7.4 V 2500 mah Lithium-Ion battery FOR HARRIS Ma/Com P5300, P5350, P5370, P5450, P5470, P5500, P5550, P5570, P7300, P7350, P7370, XG-75.
$110.00 $67.50