Kenwood NX-210G Accessories

The Kenwood NX-210G FM portable radio is the preferred choice for transportation, utilities, SMR operations, and government agencies who require dependable communications in the VHF band width. Waveband Communications has made significant investments developing, and manufacturing accessories for these portable radios to ensure your able to maximize the performance of your Kenwood NX-210G digital portable radio.

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4100 Mah High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery for Kenwood NX-210G Portable Radio

Maximize the performance of your Kenwood Radio with our replacement battery. Lithium polymer batteries offer extended run times typically 24-30 hours, are one third of the weight of Ni-Cd, and Ni-Mh chemistry batteries, and have no memory effect. Replaces OEM Part Number:KNB43L Waveband WV-XKNB43LIP is 4100 Mah and is the highest capacity Lithium polymer battery available. The WV-XKNB43LIP was designed and engineered to be used with Kenwood OEM Chargers.
$99.00 $77.45

2500 Mah High Capacity Ni-MH Battery for Kenwood NX-210G Portable Radio

Waveband 2500 Mah Ni-MH Battery for Kenwood NX and TK5000 Series Portable Radios.
$59.99 $54.00