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Motorola CP200 Charger

Choose a Motorola CP200 Charger, conditioner or analyzer from Waveband Communications to keep your CP200 batteries operating at peak efficiency. Each charger, conditioner and analyzer is fully-compatible with the Motorola CP200 series.

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Rapid Tri-chemistry charger for Motorola CP185|Motorola CP200

Waveband WV-TWC2M-MT3-D Dual 120V AC Charger for Motorola CP200, PR400 2-way Radios Charges two batteries with or without radio. Replaceable pod allows future use with different radio model or brand. Status LED for each position confirms charging in progress, charging 80% complete, and fully charged. For use with NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, and LiPo batteries Compatible with Motorola CP150, CP200, CP200d, PR400 12 month warranty
$99.00 $79.00

WPLN4161AR Rapid Rate 6 pocket charger for Motorola CP200 radios. WB# WCP6bank

Tri-Chemistry 6 pocket charger for Motorola CP200 radios. Will fully charge CP200 batteries in 2-3 hours. Capable of charging NiMH, NiCd, and Li-ion chemistry batteries. Motorola Part# WPLN4161AR WaveBand Part# WCP6bank
$450.00 $399.00