Motorola RLN4762A Compatible Flexible Open Ear Insert, Large Right

Right large open ear insert or semi custom ear mold. Compatible to Motorola RLN4762A
SKU: WC-02004- RL
Manufacturer part number: WC-02004- RL

Motorola RLN4762A is a right large open ear insert or semi custom ear mold.

Flexible open ear inserts are made from hypo-allergenic plastic that is ultra flexible to conform with the shape of a users ear – giving them the feature of being a semi custom ear mold. They are also more comfortable than silicon ear buds and will allow users to hear ambient background noises. Flexible open ear inserts will work with any barbed coiled,acoustical tube. Simply remove the standard rubber ear tip and press the flexible open ear insert onto the plastic elbow barbed fitting of a coiled acoustical tube. 


  • Flexible Open ear insert molds are made of hypo-allergenic plastic 
  • Our custom ear molds are available in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) 
  • Flexible ear inserts are available for right or left ear. 
  • Semi-custom ear molds fit securely over acoustic tube elbow. 
  • Flexible open ear inserts work with Waveband surveillance kits, receive only ear pieces and acoustic tubes.  

Recommended for: Public safety, transportation, manufacturing, security, construction.  

Compatible to: Motorola RLN4762A

Size: Right, Large

Waveband# WC-02004- RL

Note: All OEM part references are for description purposes only.
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