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Motorola XTS 1500 Battery

Every Motorola XTS 1500 battery meets rigorous standards for performance and long life. Trust our fully-compatible XTS 1500 batteries to meet stringent on-the-job requirements.

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NTN9815 1700 Mil Amp NiCd battery for Motorola XTS 2500. WB# WM9858

NiCd 1700 mAh battery for Motorola XTS2500 series radios. Motorola Part# NTN9815 WaveBamd Part# WM9858
$47.89 $44.75

NTN9858AR 2700 Mil Amp NiMH High Capacity Battery for Motorola XTS 2500 Radio. WB# WM9858X

2700 Mil Amp NiMH High Capacity battery for Motorola XTS 2500 Radio. Motorola Part# NTN9858AR WaveBand Part# WM9858 Fully compatible to Motorola NTN9858C.
$65.00 $57.85

WV-7335-Lip High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery for Motorola XTS2500 Series Radio

WV-7335-LIP 4100 mAh, Lithium Polymer high capacity battery pack for use with Motorola XTS 2500, XTS 1500, PR 1500.
$89.00 $78.00