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Motorola XTS 2500 Portable Radio Batteries

Quality Batteries for Motorola XTS2500 Portable Radios

We offer a wide vareity of high quality batteries for your Motorola XTS2500 Portable Radio.  We have taken years of feedback from our customer to design batteries that offer unmatched reliability! Our two way radio batteries have earned an industry leading reputation for performance and reliability. This is because our batteries incorporate the highest quality components like matched cells from top Japanese cell manufactures, gold plated contacts, premium abs housing, and nickel plated tabs.

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FM approved 2700 Mah Ni-Mh Battery for Motorola XTS2500, 1500, and PR1500 Radios. WB#WV-M9857XTIS

FM approved 2700 Mah Ni-Mh Battery for Motorola XTS2500, 1500, and PR1500 Radios. WB#WV-M9857XTIS. This battery includes belt clip, and comes with an 18 month warranty. Our Two-Way Radio Batteries have been tested and approved for use in critical applications by the U.S. Military, Police Forces, and Fire Departments nationwide. This aftermarket Motorola XTS2500 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of the original Motorola battery.
$79.99 $69.99

NTN9815 1700 Mil Amp NiCd battery for Motorola XTS 2500. WB# WM9858

NiCd 1700 mAh battery for Motorola XTS2500 series radios. Motorola Part# NTN9815 WaveBamd Part# WM9858
$47.89 $44.75

NTN9858AR 2700 Mil Amp NiMH High Capacity Battery for Motorola XTS 2500 Radio. WB# WM9858X

2700 Mil Amp NiMH High Capacity battery for Motorola XTS 2500 Radio. Motorola Part# NTN9858AR WaveBand Part# WM9858 Fully compatible to Motorola NTN9858C.
$65.00 $57.85

WV-7335-Lip High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery for Motorola XTS2500 Series Radio

WV-7335-LIP 4100 mAh, Lithium Polymer high capacity battery pack for use with Motorola XTS 2500, XTS 1500, PR 1500.
$89.00 $78.00