Radio Battery Non-Rechargeable

Primary Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Primary Batteries

Always be ready!

˜ Natural Disasters        ˜ Power Outages            ˜ Remote Operations  

Primary batteries (non-rechargeable) fill a critical need for many situations when reliable power is needed quickly or charging is not practical. Include primary batteries by Waveband Communications in your readiness plan.

Our primary batteries are constructed with high energy lithium cells and enclosed in an impact resistant case to ensure you stay on the air. Advantages of primary batteries from Waveband Communications are:

ü  Grab and go convenience

ü  Up to 10-year shelf life

ü  Lithium cells deliver dependable, superior performance compared to alkaline.

ü  Purple case is easily distinguishable from other battery types

Primary batteries are expensive for everyday use. However, they can be priceless in many situations. In addition to a readiness supply at HQ, consider keeping our primary batteries in vehicles to support extended operations.

Primary (non-rechargeable) batteries are available for the following radio families:

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