RELM KNG-P400 Radio Accessories

The RELM KNG-P400 multi-band radio is a top choice for mission-critical first responders who require instant interoperability. We deliver  RELM KNG-P400 accessories that help make the most of your radio assets

All fully-compatible RELM KNG-P150 accessories from Waveband Communications meet exacting standards for performance and dependability

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2-Wire Surveillance Kit for Relm KNG150P Radio

Professional Grade 2-wire surveillance kit for Relm KNG150P Radio. In use by hundreds of Federal law enforcement professionals, casinos, security, and railroad personnel nationwide. This product is well proven in the field by heavy duty users.
$79.99 $64.50

5080386B90 Motorola Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack - WB# WC101206

Regular Clear Ear Insert Tips - 25 Pack.
$24.50 $22.00

6 Station Rapid Rate Charger for Relm KNG Radios

Battery Charger, 6 Station Rapid Rate Tri-Chemistry for Relm KNG Handheld Radios.
$499.00 $389.00

BDN6728A 25" Coiled Cord with 3.5mm Threaded Straight Connector WB# WV1-10282-Threaded

25" Coiled Cord with 3.5mm Threaded Straight Connector. Listen Only Earpieces provide quality and comfort during private communications. Constructed using heavy duty grade industrial jacketed cables that provide excellent strain relief. This ear piece includes a 1 year limited warranty
$49.00 $21.50

Clear Ear Tip - WC800947

Regular Clear Ear Tip WC800947
$1.38 $1.24

Clear Ear Tips - 100 pack - WC101207

WC101207 Package of 100 Regular Clear Ear Tips
$81.50 $78.00

KNG150P Stubby Antenna

RELM KNG150P Stubby Antenna 164-174 Mhz for BK KNG P150 series radios. 3" in length with SMA Male Connector
$29.99 $23.89

Lapel Microphone for Relm KNG-P150

2-wire lapel microphone with scorpion ear piece for use with Relm KNG-P150.
$59.99 $44.50