Relm Radio Accessories

In an emergency, the proper Relm radio accessories can make the difference between success and tragedy. We manufacture top quality Relm radio accessories.  Our broad line of Relm radio accessories includes batteries, chargers, audio accessories, and radio cases.

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Our Relm radio accessories undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure the highest level of dependability.

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6 Station Rapid Rate Charger for Relm KNG150 Portable Radios

Battery Charger, 6 Station Rapid Rate Tri-Chemistry for Relm KNG Handheld Radios.
$499.00 $399.00

KNG150P Stubby Antenna

RELM KNG150P Stubby Antenna 164-174 Mhz for BK KNG P150 series radios. 3" in length with SMA Male Connector
$29.99 $23.89

Lapel Microphone for Relm KNG-P150

2-wire lapel microphone with scorpion ear piece for use with Relm KNG-P150.
$59.99 $47.89

WC-Dshape–R-KNG 2-wire lapel microphone with D-shape ear piece for "KNG 150P Radio"

WC-Dshape–R-KNG 2-wire lapel microphone with D-shape ear piece for "KNG 150P Radio"
$59.99 $47.50

WV-EPC-R-KNGP150 Belt Clip for Relm KNG-P150

Rugged Belt Clip for "KNG" radio. Our Relm KNG battery belt clip meets stringent quality standards and is designed to provide years of reliable service.
$12.99 $8.98

WV-KAA0100 Battery, 1900 mAh Li-Ion, w/ belt clip for KNG150P radio

This aftermarket Relm, Bendix King KAA0100 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of the original Relm, Bendix King battery. Compatible Two Way Radio Models: Relm, Bendix King, Regency KNG-P150 Relm, Bendix King, Regency KNG-P400 Relm, Bendix King, Regency KNG-P500 Relm, Bendix King, Regency KNG-P800
$89.00 $75.00

WV-KNG150P Charger for Relm KNG 150P

Battery Charger, Desk Top Rapid Rate Tri-Chemistry for Relm KNG Handheld Radios.
$99.99 $79.99

40-10107-21 Military-grade Comply™ Canal Tips 3 Unit Pack.

Military-grade Comply™ Canal Tips are engineered to deliver maximum noise reduction for mission-critical communication. Extremely soft viscoelastic Comply™ foam conforms to the ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and retain the device in the ear. Ideal for lightweight communication systems, Comply™ Canal Tips are the industry standard for communication in high-noise environments. Comply™ Canal Tips Special Features: Maximum Noise Reduction: High-quality communication is funneled directly into the ear canal while providing an optimal seal for all high-noise applications. Comply™ Canal Tips offer the highest level of noise isolation with average NRR above 29dB. Actual NRR depends on communication device design and requires certified testing. All Day Comfort: Made from unique breathable memory foam, Comply™ Canal Tips are activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft, reducing irritation and fatigue. Stay-In-Ear Fit: The length and tapered design of the Comply™ Canal Tip allows for easy insertion and stability in the ear canal, providing maximum noise reduction and in-ear retention. Flexible Threaded Core: Special tapered core is designed for deeper insertion into the ear canal. Elastomeric cores have a molded-in screw thread for secure attachment to the communication device and soft durometer for comfort.
$19.99 $17.95