Security 2-Way Radios and Accessories

Security and Safety

Security for your client’s equipment, property or valuables combined with safety for their people and your own are demanding priorities. Communications tools with ever-improving capabilities can provide a much-needed edge to stay ahead of known and unknown risks.


First Source Wireless has Security 2-way Radios and Accessories to help maximize safety, security and peace of mind for your clients. These indispensable tools are force-multipliers allowing your team to accomplish more at much lower cost than additional personnel.

Harris Ma/Com Two Way Radios

First Source Wireless offers Harris Ma/Com 2-way Radios including Portable, Multimode Portable 7 Spectrum Multiband Portable radios.

2-Way Radio Accessory Specialists: Motorola APX Radios, EF Johnson, Harris, Icom, Kenwood & Vertex.


For the latest communications products, or earlier gear, we offer the most current Security two-way Radios &  Accessories with the ever-improving technology that helps equipment achieve maximum performance allowing your team to operate confidently.

Exceptional Warranties

We take pride and stand behind our products. Our 2-way Radio Accessories are backed by a “no hassle” THREE YEAR WARRANTY! Portable radio batteries (including “Intrinsically Safe”) and chargers are warranted for one (1) full year by WaveBand Communications.

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