Security earpiece

The Security Receive-Only Ear piece is also known as a Listen Only Ear piece. The purpose of this product is to mute the radio speaker microphone, or radio to allow users to hear radio communications discreetly. WaveBand Communications manufactures a wide variety of receive only earpieces to meet mission critical goals in police radio communications, casino security, construction, and military operations. Our listen only ear pieces are compatible with Waveband, and original equipment manufacture speaker microphones, and portable radios. We also make a wide variety of ear insert options, tips and plugs that are located on our home page under the ear inserts, tips, and plugs category tab.  

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WV-M11-PLO-AT1 Receive Only Earpiece

Professional grade 1 wire kit is the ideal solution for monitoring radio communications in a discreet way. The low profile cable plugs directly in to the radios accessory port and allows the user to operate the radio normally for transmission while all radio reception is heard through the coiled acoustical tube.
$79.99 $64.50

Motorola PMLN4620a Compatible Over the Ear Listen Only Earpiece

Fully equivalent to Motorola PMLN4620A over the ear listen only earpiece. D-Shape with 3.5mm right angle plug. WD-Shape
$24.99 $14.50

Motorola RLN4764A Compatible Flexible Open Ear Insert, Medium Left

Left medium open ear insert or semi custom ear mold. Compatible to Motorola RLN4764A, Otto C806573-LM
$7.50 $6.00

Motorola WADN4190 Compatible Receive-Only Flexible Earpiece WaveBand Part# W-Scorpion

Receive-only lightweight flexible earpiece for use with speaker microphone 3.5mm audio jacks. Full compatible to Motorola WADN4190.
$21.50 $18.99

RLN4941A Motorola Receive-Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube. WB# WV1-10282

Receive Only Earpiece with 3.5mm right angle plug, high grade 10" coiled cord, low profile quick disconnect medical grade translucent coiled acoustical tube and two silicon ear buds. For use with earphone jacks on all shoulder/lapel mounted speaker microphones. WaveBand Part#WV1-10282 Motorola Equivalent: RLN4941A
$24.99 $19.97

RLN5878A Motorola Receive-only Black Surveillance Kit

Motorola RLN5878, RLN5878A black receive-only single wire surveillance kit for Motorola and APX radios. Compatible with the following Motorola Models:TRBO, XPR6300, XPR6500, XPR6350, XPR6380, XPR6550, XPR6580 and APX7000 Series

RLN6242A Motorola Quick Disconnect Acoustic Tube with ear bud . WB# X-010001-X

Acoustic Tube Replacement Kit includes acoustic tube rubber ear bud elbow EZ screw connector. WB# X-010001-X
$15.99 $12.99

V1-10432 Receive-Only earphone with Coiled Acoustic Tube and 2.5mm right angle plug. WV1-10432

Receive Only Coiled Acoustic Tube Listen Only with 2.5mm right angle Plug for use with audio jack on speaker microphones.
$24.50 $19.99