Under the Radar: Private 2-Way radio Communications


Secure lines of communication are imperative when it comes to federal agencies. Maintaining the ability to safely send information through a designated channel accessible to only those cleared is vital.


Under the Radar: Private 2-Way Radio Communications

Federal government agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and ATF face many challenges when it comes to appropriately communicating. It’s important for these agencies to establish a safe and secure solution to transmitting information both within the department and between other government agencies. It is of great importance to be connected always to ensure the upmost safety measures. Government agencies are assigned specific operations (i.e. the FBI protects against foreign threats, the DEA regulates controlled substances) of which intertwine with various departments. With the increase of criminals and hackers, a simple phone call - even with maximum security - can easily be traced, recorded, and listened to. Discreet surveillance kits and other 2-way radio accessories combat the communication challenges faced, and provide a safer, faster, more efficient way to exchange critical information.


The Importance of Discreet Communication

Each day these agencies are faced with the responsibility of maintaining the security of information regarding criminals, controlled substances, laws, terrorist claims, breeches, and other government news. Upon learning this information, it is their job to safely keep it from entering the public stream, including media channels. These departments and agencies are trusted with the information received and depended upon to ensure it remains exchangeable between only those who are cleared such as government officials. If found in the wrong hands, a citizen or external threat could spread or exploit this information. This could cause panic, help organize an attack on US interests, or other nefarious purposes. Some situations agents could find themselves in where discreet surveillance kits could protect the public and allow for successful completion are:


  •         Conducting surveillance on a dangerous criminal
  •         Providing security at events with high attack risks such as the Boston marathon
  •         Initializing a solution to terminate a planned terrorist attack
  •         Going undercover to find out or recover sensitive information


Members of different governmental agencies require encrypted two-way radio communications to ensure classified operations are kept confidential. The goal is to extinguish a problem before it becomes worse, and nothing could be worse than operation priorities leaking into the hands of criminals, or the media.


Enhancing 2 Way Communication Devices

Operation details and priorities can be made secure through numerous high-value  radios and radio accessories for Motorola APX radios specifically, the most common enhancements include:

Undercover Radio Accessories for Motorola Radios: There are several undercover radio accessories for the APX radios and XTS radios as well as various other radio models. These accessories include chargers, headsets, speakers, batteries, earpieces, antennas, audio adapters, cables, headsets, and more. These accessories offer extended capabilities, allowing you complete an assignment safer, faster, and more effectively.

Surveillance Kits: Take your surveillance operations to the next level with discreet surveillance kits. These kits offer durability, ease-of-use, and reliability when you need it the most. There are options for both one wire and two wire kits available.

Palm Style PTT Kit for Radios: The palm style PTT kit for radios is a headset along with a speaker and microphone jack. The kit provides hands-free operations and is included with a push-to-talk microphone button that immediately connects you to department leads or team members.


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