Vertex Standard Battery

Vertex Standard Battery

Each Vertex Standard battery meets rigrous standards for performance and long life. Trust our fully-compatible Vertex Standard batteries to meet demanding on-the-job requirements.

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Vertex EVX-531 Battery

7.4V 2500 Mah Li-Ion battery for Vertex Portables. This battery is made using the highest quality components including matched Japenese cells has gold plated contacts, premium abs housing, and nickel plated tabs. This battery is compatible with the following Vertex Radio Models: Vertex VX-261, Vertex VX-264, Vertex VX-451, Vertex VX-454, Vertex VX-459, Vertex EVX-261, Vertex EVX-531, Vertex EVX-534, Vertex EVX-539
$76.00 $56.00

Vertex Standard Replacement Battery

7.4V 3000 Mah Lithium-Ion high capacity replacement battery for for Vertex Standard VX820 / VX821 / VX824 / VX829. Also Compatible with Vertex Standard VX870 / VX871 / VX874 / VX879 / VX920 / VX921 / VX924 / VX929 / VX970 / VX971 / VX974 / VX979
$99.00 $69.99