What Two Way Radio Accessories Are Used In Casinos?

Casinos across the United States rely on two-way radios to communicate across departments and personnel. Quick and clear communication is necessary in large facilities to ensure efficiency and safety. Most casinos are safe; however, crime can happen. 

Although rare, crime and dangerous situations are events that need to be managed in casinos. Whether it is as large as a fire or as isolated as drunk and disorderly, these situations require communication between all casino personnel.   

When security officers have the proper equipment to communicate between each other and other casino staff like management, everyone in attendance is much safer. Casino security officer’s responsibilities include protecting visitors, employees, and the assets of the organization. Therefore, reliable communication accessories are critical for security personnel. 


What Two-Way Radios Do Casinos Use? 

Casino security personnel tend to prefer high-powered UHF two-way radios. Radio brands such as Sonim, Kenwood, and Motorola are great options for security communication.   

These brands are known for their secure communications from top-of-the-line encryption and stable connections.   

What Radio Accessories Should Your Casino Be Using? 

Within casinos, security professionals can benefit from a variety of communications accessories that match the environment. Casinos can be loud from the attendees, machines, and music; therefore, earpieces can help make communication seamless.   

Surveillance kits and earpieces: 

Consistent, uninterrupted communication is the most important part of organized security. Earpieces are useful for casino security because of the naturally loud environment. Not only can some earpieces provide hearing protection, but they also help with direct communication. 

Subtle and covert communications with earpieces is good in public situations because they can help keep conversations private. Privacy is an important part of security and organization during critical situations. 

Lastly, the covert nature of earpieces is ideal for security teams that have personnel that are meant to blend in with the casino attendees. 


  • The 1 Wire Surveillance Kit is compatible with the Sonim XP5, XP6, and XP7  
  • Comfortable G-Hook style earpieces can be used on either left or right ear  
  • Large speaker delivers clear, crisp audio  
  • Speakers can be easily cleaned for comfort or hygiene  
  • Clip-on microphone unit includes PTTand stainless-steel clip that rotates 360º for easy use  
  • Straight cables are very flexible and easy to use  
  • Molded strain reliefs help protect cables from excessive bending and pulling  
  • High quality speaker microphone delivers loud, crisp audio  
  • Professional-grade 1 wire kit  
  • Low-profile cable that plugs in directly to the radio accessory port  
  • User can operate the radio normally for transmission while all radio reception is heard through the coiled acoustic tube  
  • Compatible with the following Motorola Models:  
    • Motorola XPR 6300 
    • Motorola XPR 6500 
    • Motorola XPR 6350 
    • Motorola XPR 6380 
    • Motorola XPR 6550
    • Motorola XPR 6580
    • Motorola APX 7000 


Many casinos have long hours, some are even open 24 hours. Security professionals need to make sure their radio can keep up with those long hours. Batteries that last throughout the day and into the night are important.   


    • The Kenwood VP900 is a high-capacity two-way radio battery  
    • Lithium batteries have extended run times that average around 24-30 hours  
    • Battery is one-third of the weight of Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh chemistry batteries and does not affect the memory 
    • This Waveband battery was designed to be used with Kenwood OEM Chargers 
    • Compactible with Motorola XTS series radios  
    • 3800-mAh 7.5-volt NiMH battery   
    • Manufactured using only premium NiMH cells, contacts, and ultra-rugged grade plastics  
    • Provide more talk-time per shift   
    • Less prone to memory effect when compared to Ni-Cd chemistry batteries  
    • Compatible with Impress and Impress 2 chargers   



Public safety is any establishment’s priority, so security needs to be able to do their job to the full extent. Accessories like earpieces and top-of-the-line batteries will help technology keep up with security professionals. Earpieces will encourage streamlined communication and batteries ensure your radio stays connected. These accessories will help casino security personnel address any situation that may arise.  

Waveband Communications is a two-way radio accessories manufacturer, compatible with leading radios like Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, BK Technologies, ICOM, and more. Waveband has supplied radio accessories to many casinos around the country including Maryland Live Casino. Need help choosing the right accessory for your team? Contact us at  sales@wvbandcoms.com, 800-806-1076 or via live chat. 


Note: This article was originally posted by Nick Hohman in 2019. It has since been republished with updated content. 

DEANNA PARENTI is a Marketing Copywriter at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helps public safety clients enhance their team communications during everyday work and emergencies.

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