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Be more discreet with your two-way radio communication by wearing 1 wire, 2 wire, and 3 wire surveillance kits.

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About Our Surveillance Kits

Noise Canceling Premium Knowles™ Microphone

Always let your voice be heard no matter how loud of an environment you're in

Kevlar Reinforced Cable

Rugged overall design is built to last with Kevlar reinforced strain relief cable

Easy to Push PTT Button

Easily respond back at the push of a button 

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Direct Connect Option

Connect your surveillance kit directly to your two-way radio. No need for an adapter.

Harris xl-200 two-wire surveillance kit with quick diconnect adapter. - Waveband Communications

Quick Disconnect Option

Quickly remove yourself from your two-way radio without having to remove clothing or wires and reattach when you're ready to use again.

OEM or Waveband adapter is required.

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"Bought it [surveillance kit] for the Harris XG-100 radio we use at work. I've used it for a few shifts now and I haven't had any issues with it. The audio comes in clear and I haven't had any problems with the other end of the radio."

Hirose Two-Wire Surveillance Kit for Harris XL-95P Radio

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