Receive Only Earpieces

Mute Any Sounds from Your Speaker Microphone or Two-Way Radio and listen covertly.

Waveband Receive Only Earpiece

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Waveband Receive Only Earpiece

Acoustic Tube Earpiece

  • Wavebands Best Seller
  • For 3.5mm Accessory Jack Size
  • Removable Acoustic Tube and Tip 
  • Available in 10" and 18" Cord Length 
  • Available in Threaded or Right Angle Plug
Waveband Receive Only Earpiece

Over the Ear Earpiece

  • For 3.5mm Accessory Jack Size
  • Sits on the Outside of Your Ear
  • Short Coiled Cable
  • Good When Used with Hearing Aids

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Waveband Receive Only Earpiece

D Shape Receive Only Earpiece

  • Moveable Earpiece to Fit Any Shape Ear
  • Foam Speaker
  • For 3.5mm Jack Size
  • Comfortable Even After Hours of Use
Waveband Receive Only Earpiece

OTTO V1-10432 Earpiece

  • For 2.5mm Jack Sizes
  • Removable Acoustic Tube and Tip 
  • Right Angle Plug

What Customers Are Saying

"Deputies were very pleased with the comfort and performance of this item [Motorola RLN4941A Earpiece]."


"Ear piece is very comfortable almost to the point you don’t realize you’re wearing it. The sound quality is good from what I can tell because of the cheap radios we use."


"This is the first time using this type of product and for my type of job. I used it last night when I was on shift and it work awesome. I will definitely be using your services again."

Larry - Detention Officer