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Using multiple Motorola batteries and audio accessories, forgetting when you should replace your battery is bound to happen. Batteries age with time and replacing them ensures optimal performance of your radio. Motorola has made it simple to check the age of your battery on the back label. 

Below helps you determine if your Motorola batteries and audio accessories are still under warranty or when your battery was manufactured.

Prior to determining if it is necessary to replace your existing two-way radio accessories you should always determine if your warranty has expired or not. On Motorola audio accessories you can find the four digit date code between the two-pins on the molded rubber.

The battery code format ( on battery of 2011 and later) is YYWW. The YY (1st and 2nd) being the year of manufacture. The WW or 3rd and 4th position is represented as Motorola's week of manufacture + 19 weeks. The week of manufacture shall rollover to the following year once position 3 or 4 exceeds 52. 

For example, if the battery is built on WW10 of 2011, date code positions 1-4 would look like 1129. Or if the battery was built on WW40 of 2011 date code positions 1-4 would look like 1207. The 4 digits directly following the date code are Motorola's internal manufacturing tracking codes.


To determine if your Motorola two-way radio battery is under warranty, remove the battery from the portable radio, and the battery will contain a four digit code on the two way radio battery label. The first two digits represents the year the battery was manufactured, the last two digits represent the week the battery was manufactured. Above is an example of what you will find when looking for a date code on a battery. In the image, the battery was manufactured in 2013 and the week the battery was manufactured during week 25.

For more information on finding Motorola battery date codes, click here to view a guide for helping you further understand. 

The majority of Motorola two-way radio batteries are covered for a 1 year period. The warranty covers holding 80% of the rated capacity of the battery after charging. For example, a 4000 Mah battery should remain at a least a 3200 Mah capacity during the 1 year warranty period. It is advised to replace your batteries every 18 months.


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For audio accessories this generally covers manufacture defects. Examples include but are not limited to not being able to transmit and receive, strain of the cabling, connectors breaking, push to talk buttons not functioning properly. The Motorola radio accessories warranty is excluded when accessories are damaged in the event of improper operation, misuse, neglect or physical damage.

These date codes are known as the date of manufacture not an indication of the date it should be sold by or an indication of lifespan. Usually, batteries are stored for a few years before sale and can sometimes take 6-9 months from production to reach the dealer or customer. If your date code is a few years old, it shouldn't affect performance or life of the battery if stored in correct temperature and charge level.

This post originally came from an email sent by Waveband Communications. The web version of the email can be viewed here.

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