Conditioning Charger Analyzer for Two-Way Radio Batteries Review [Video]

Our 2-way radio battery conditioning chargers use specialized micro-processors and algorithms to read the chemistry of the individual Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or Li-Ion battery and respond with precise, maximum-capacity, conditioning charge every time.  We have made significant investments in our inventory and stock these high-quality two-way radio battery analyzers for the following but not limited to radio brands Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, ICOM, and RELM.  Give our knowledgeable staff a call today to discuss the best solution for your fleet of two-way radio batteries. We offer a wide variety of two-way radio battery analyzers and chargers.

Below is a video on this product that provides insight into the products capabilities.  


Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nick Hohman and I'm the Vice President of Waveband Communications. Today, we're going to discuss the capabilities of our Six Station Conditioning Charger Analyzer. We're going to talk about how this analyzer can provide critical data to professional radio users.

Our 6 station conditioning charger allows you to easily remove the adapter cups. The reason this is important is if you purchase new radios in the future you can easily swap the adapter cups to fit a certain radio model. In the video, the demonstration uses a Motorola XTS radio battery and a Motorola APX radio battery. This way you don't have to buy the whole conditioning charger analyzer if you buy a new radio.

Now, this product has 3 options which we are going to demonstrate to you today. We're going to be demonstrating with our WV-6037-LIP battery. This is an XTS battery. You have thirty seconds to choose an option.

Option 1 basically is going to give you a rapid charge. For option 2 you are going to have to hit the next button. Option 2 will do a full conditioning charge on the battery depending on the capacity of the battery. A conditioning charge can be blasts from anywhere between 5 to 10 hours once the conditioning charge is completed. On this battery, it's going to give you critical data as far as the milliamp hours that are remaining with the battery. 

This battery is 4000 milliamp so as an example, it may say you have 2500 milliamps remaining after the conditioning charge. This information is critical if you have hundreds of batteries and your fleet of radios and you're trying to determine how many batteries you need to replace. It's also going to restore the battery to a higher level of capacity. This allows you to get more life out of the battery as you are using an operation. 

Option 3, which i'm going to demonstrate with the APX battery is our WV-6038-LIP APX Battery. You have to hit the next button 2 times (pictured below). Essentially what is going to happen is the battery is going to go through 3 conditioning charges and is going to give you a readout that displays how the battery capacity is improved after each conditioning charge.

Man Putting Two-Way Radio Battery Into Charger Analyzer

For example, on a 4000 milliamp battery, it'll tell you that you had 2400 milliamps and it's now up to 2800 milliamp. It may say you went from 2800 milliamp to 3100 milliamp eventually giving you the final readout after charge 3. 

These conditioning chargers are critical because they give you data so you know when to replace the batteries. It's also going to restore the life of your batteries you have in operation so you're not spending money on new batteries.

Our 6-station conditioning charger will allow you to know exactly where your batteries are in operation. This will protect your investment of your existing batteries that you made previously and tell you exactly when you should buy more.

Interested in our conditioning analyzing chargers, give our radio experts a call at 800-806-1076. We can customize our 6 station charger to meet your specific radio needs.

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