Eldersburg, Maryland – Waveband Communications announced today they have renewed their GSA contract, a 5-year contract that enables Federal Government agencies to buy their products and services. The contract is valid for another 5 years until February 2029 and can be found under GSA contract number #GS35F228BA. Waveband has been a GSA approved vendor since 2014.

“As a long time contract holder with the GSA, we’re excited to yet again renew our contract to help provide easier procurement for the federal government.” Says Nicholas Hohman, President of Waveband Communications.

The contract includes more than 850 products including Waveband two-way radio accessories, such as speaker microphones, surveillance kits, batteries, antennas, and more. Waveband sister company, First Source Wireless, also has products on the contract to include military helmets, headsets, antennas, and more.

GSA or General Services Administration was created to streamline the acquisition process for the federal government which gives buyers access to more than 12 million products and services. The benefits of buying on GSA include shorter lead times, faster procurement processes, and discounted pricing.

To learn more about Waveband’s GSA contract and the items they provide, visit the GSA eLibrary.

GsaGsa contract

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