Pair Bluetooth Speaker Microphone to Portable Radio

Here’s how to connect your Bluetooth speaker microphone to a Bluetooth adapter on your Motorola radio or equivalent.

What is required:

  • Bluetooth Speaker Microphone (WV-BTH-900)
  • Bluetooth Adapter (Included)
  • Your Portable Radio

Pair Bluetooth Speaker Microphone to Bluetooth Adapter

1. Before you begin, make sure your portable two-way radio is powered off.

2. Attach the Bluetooth adapter to the side of your radio. Fasten the screw by turning it clockwise.
Bluetooth Adapter on Side of Radio with Knob Highlighted to Turn Clockwise

3. Turn on your speaker microphone by turning the VOL knob clockwise. After a few seconds, you should hear a chime indicating the speaker microphone is powered on. The LED will blink blue once every 2 seconds.
Turn VOL Knob to the right
4. Press and hold the orange pairing button for 6 seconds. You will hear another tone and the LED will alternate flash blue and red. This means it’s now in pairing mode.
Press Orange Button Down for 6 Seconds

5. On your radio, press and hold the pairing button on the adapter and turn on your radio simultaneously. Continue holding the pairing button for five seconds after the radio has been turned on. The light should now be flashing blue twice per second. The adapter is now in pairing mode.
Radio Image Showing Pairing Button and Power Button
6. Do not touch the pairing button until it turns to one continuous LED light for 3 seconds and the speaker microphone flashes blue every 2 seconds.

7. After a few seconds, you should hear a tone on your speaker microphone. Both devices are connected and ready to use. The devices should now automatically pair when both are turned on.

Note: The BTH-500 can only be paired to one radio. When you pair it to a new radio the old one will be erased.

Pair Bluetooth Speaker Microphone to a Bluetooth Enabled Two-Way Radio

1. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker microphone by turning the VOL knob clockwise until you hear a click and a chime.

2.Press and hold the orange pairing button for 6 seconds. Your speaker microphone will be alternating flashing red and blue.

3. On your two-way radio, turn on Bluetooth. This setup is different on all devices. Refer to your manual or online for instructions.

4. You should then hear the speaker microphone make a tone. If using on Kenwood portables, press the orange pairing button once.

5. Your device is now successfully paired.

Pair Bluetooth Mic to a Cell Phone

Below are instructions for pairing the Waveband Bluetooth Speaker Mic with your cell phone. This is perfect for using it with PoC apps such as Zello, WAVE, Voxer, and other walkie talkie apps.

1. Start by powering on your microphone if you haven't done so already. The speaker mics LED light should be flashing Blue.

2. Hold down the center orange pairing button for a couple of seconds. You should hear a tone and the LED light will flash blue and red. Your mic is now in bluetooth pairing mode.

3. On your cell phone, head over to settings and go to the Bluetooth section. At the bottom should be a section called "other devices" (on Apple iPhone) and click on BTHR-PTT.

4. Once connected, you'll hear a tone and the LED light should be blinking blue every couple of seconds. The speaker microphone is now paired to your phone.

    Your phone will now automatically pair to the speaker mic once you turn it on (and have bluetooth enabled on your phone).

    If pairing was unsuccessful, try the steps above again from the beginning making sure the mic is not already paired to another device. You should also make sure your phone is updated to the latest version.

    To Remove the Device:

    To remove the speaker mic from your cell phone completely, go to your phones bluetooth list under settings go to BTHT-PTT and click the circle with the i (on Apple iPhone) or the settings wheel (on Android devices), and click "forget this device" 

    LED Status Meaning: Bluetooth Adapter


    LED Flashing Pattern

    Power off

    No LED

    Power on

    Flashing once per second.

    Bluetooth headset pairing mode

    Flashing twice per second

    Bluetooth PTT pairing mode

    Flashing three times per second

    Paired successfully

    One continuous LED light for 3 seconds


    One flash per 3 seconds


    LED Status Meaning: PTT Speaker Microphone


    LED Flashing Pattern

    Power off

    No LED

    Power on

    Blue and Red flashing LED for 1 second

    Unpaired or Lost Link

    Blue LED on for 2 seconds, off for 1 second, repeat.

    Pairing mode

    Red and blue flashes alternately

    Device is connected

    Blue LED blinks every 1 second

    Battery charging

    Red LED on

    Battery full

    Red LED off

    Taylor Thomas is a Marketing Manager at Waveband Communications. With her experience in critical communications, she helped public safety clients enhance their team communication through the help of two-way radio accessories.

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