How Radio Accessories Help Security Communication
Security teams are the driving force behind public safety. They are the ones who orchestrate organized responses to serious and sometimes dangerous situations with the intention to keep everyone safe. Communication is a critical tool for public safety. Two-way radios are a necessity for all security personnel.

However, the communication passed between radios needs to be secure. Options like two-way radio encryption, earpieces, and surveillance kits help keep communications private.

Keep reading to learn about the top three reasons why security professionals need communications accessories and what technology works best.

Top Three Reasons for your Security Team to use Surveillance Kits or Earpieces:

  1. Quick communication
  2. Uninterrupted communication
  3. Private communication

Quick Communication:

Most two-way radios are made to offer streamlined communication even in areas where communication seems impossible. From remote areas to events like concerts where population density is so high cell phones do not work, radios will continue to function.

When security professionals pair a two-way radio with earpieces or a surveillance kit, not only can they depend on the communication coming in, but it will also be heard immediately. Moreover, with a surveillance kit, a user can return communications quicker because they can speak into a PTT and/or easily accessible microphone.

Earpieces and surveillance kits create a streamlined communication process that is handsfree, whilst keeping communication private.

Uninterrupted Communication:

Efficiency is accomplished from uninterrupted communication. Two-way radios help with lack of interruption; however, it is the accessories that make a significant difference. With earpieces, communication will never go unheard. Not only will professionals not miss the message, but they will also be able to hear it even in noisy environments like a concert.

Moreover, technology like microphones in surveillance kits help create streamlined communication. Noise-cancelling microphones help ensure that only what is spoken into the device is picked up and outside noises are muted.

This technology creates uninterrupted communication; consequently, allowing security professionals to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Private Communication:

Another priority for most security professionals is private communications. Without the right accessories, communications that are meant to be private, could be heard by the public when received on a radio.

With an earpiece or surveillance kit, security personnel can ensure that communication from coworkers is transmitted directly to them and no one else. This is important because when people in the public overhear information from a radio, it can be misunderstood and cause panic.

Another benefit to surveillance kits are the top-notch microphones. These microphones allow for using to speak in muted tones while still picking up every word. Microphones with this ability help keep sensitive information like passwords etc. confidential.

Technology Available:

There are multiple types of technology that help increase the security of critical communications.

  • Earpieces
  • Surveillance Kits
  • Radio Encryption

As mentioned above, earpieces and surveillance kits are a large part of covert communications. Two-way radio encryption is another type of security that is forgotten.  

Without encryption and different securities on the physical two-way radio, accessories like earpieces and surveillance kits are virtually useless. If a two-way radio is not secure, it can be hacked and communications can be heard without needing to be in the radio’s presence.

Most government agencies require two-way radios to have encryption to make all communications secure. Those that do not already have this requirement may want to consider making a change.

Security professionals have a goal to protect the public. Communication is the primary tool security teams use to get their jobs done efficiently and as safely as possible. Because communication is the priority, security teams need as much technology as possible.

Technology like two-way radio encryption and accessories like earpieces and surveillance kits are great options for secure communications.

With these resources, the goal is to extinguish a problem before it becomes worse, and nothing could be worse than operation priorities leaking into the hands of criminals, or the media.


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