More Comfort, Less Fatigue

Enhance Comfort and Decrease Ear Fatigue with Waveband Replaceable Insets, Tips, and Plugs.

Find Your Eartip Replacement

Comply™ Canal Tips

  • Extremely soft Comply™ foam tips conform to your ear canal to maintain an acoustic seal and retain the earpiece to your ear
  • Highest level of noise reduction with an average NRR above 29 dB.
  • All Day Comfort - Reducing irritation and fatigue
  • Available in single unit, 3 unit, and 100 unit.

"I purchased this to go on a receive only acoustic tube. I like it 10 times better than an ear bud, as I can hear everything around me still. Sometimes it feels a bit loose, so i may try a different size. I'm happy I purchased it."

- William

Flexible Open Ear Insert

  • Hypoallergenic flexible material to conform with the shape of your ear for a semi custom ear mold
  • More comfortable compared to silicone earbuds
  • Designed for Any Size Ear. Available in Small, Medium, and Large for Left or Right Ear
Replacement Earbud Tips

Traditional Ear Tip

  • Traditional Silicone Clear Ear Tip
  • Available in 1 pack, 25 pack, and 100 pack