Take the guessing out of knowing your batteries capacity & know the right time to replace.

Our Two-Way Radio Battery Charger Analyzer removes the uncertainty around when to replace your battery, providing precise battery analysis so you can handle your radio fleet with confidence. The last thing you want are batteries failing and communication lost when it matters most.

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Three Charging Modes

Our charger analyzers have three unqiue modes to charge, condition, and analyze your battery letting you know how much battery capacity has been restored and how much is left.

Mode 1: Rapid Charge

Normal, full recharge of the battery (No conditioning)

Mode 2: One Conditioning Charge

One conditioning charge cycle & analysis of remaining battery capacity.

Mode 3: Three Conditioning Charges

Three full conditioning charge cycles & analysis of remaining battery capacity.

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Battery Data Display Gauges

Keep track of your battery capacity with a Battery Data Display Gauge. This efficient tool for fleet managers displays vital information on an LCD screen including battery type, voltage, current capacity, temperature, and the time remaining. Purchase includes 1 Battery Display Gauge. Additional gauges can be purchased for $139 per gauge.

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Our Analyzers are Perfect For...

Repairing Old Batteries

Bring old, dying batteries back to a better capacity and increase it's longevity.

Batteries Sitting in Storage

Batteries lose capacity even while sitting. It's recommended to recondition batteries that have been in storage for longer than a year.

Maintaining Large Fleets

Do a better job of managing your fleet of radios (no matter the size) and ensure your radios are operating at peak capacity to avoid battery depletion in emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer customized adapter cups to accommodate different radios and chemistries. Give us a call to customize your charger.

Yes. The unit is capable of charging batteries of all three chemistries.

Yes, you can use this charger without the additional display gauges. While they are not required, we do reccomend having more than one as they are an efficient tool in telling you the read out of your battery.

A full conditioning charge can take 5-10 hours depending on your battery capacity.

Our adapter cups are removable allowing you to swap them out for different radios down the road.

Regular chargers only recharge batteries, while our conditioning charger reconditions them to improve capacity and provide detailed technical information about your batteries health.

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