Harris M / A-Com XG-75 Überwachungskit

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Harris XG-75 Überwachungskit - Wellenband-KommunikationHarris XG-75 Überwachungskit - Wellenband-Kommunikation
Harris XG-75 Surveillance Kit
Von $79.97 $99.99
Sparen $25
WV-SPM-3083 1 Wire Surveillance kit with 6 pin hirose quick disconnect connector - Waveband Communications
Verdecktes 3-Draht-Überwachungskit Harris M / A Com P5300, P5400, P7300 und XG-25, XG-75 Tragbare Funkgeräte
Sparen $20.99
Three wire surveillance kit with Kevlar reinforced cable, premium Knowles microphone, Quick Disconnect clear acoustic and conical pins for P7300, P5500, P5400,P5300, and XG-75 Portables. WB# WV-15040-E4-3wire - Waveband Communications

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