Two-Way Radio Batteries

The performance of your two-way radio relies on the quality of the battery. Ensure continuous power throughout the day with Waveband batteries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, our batteries work with OEM chargers such as Motorola Impres.

Your radio battery, when cared for and maintained properly, can typically last 12-18 months, with about 300-400 charge cycles.

No! Just using an Intrinsically safe battery WILL NOT make your two-way radio intrinsically safe. You will need to purchase an intrinsically safe two-way radio with proper UL or FM markings from the manufacturer.

Two-way radio batteries take 3-4 hours to fully charge.


Our SMART Intelligent Technology two-way radio batteries are designed to help maximize the performance of your two-way radio by giving you longer runtimes. SMART Technology helps extend the life of your battery during each charge, keeping you from buying new batteries sooner than needed.

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Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Non-rechargeable batteries are great for natural disasters, power outages, and remote locations where charging may not be available. These batteries have a shelf life of up to 10 years.

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SGS Certified Intrinsically Safe Batteries

Minimize the risk and keep everyone safe by using certified Intrinsically Safe two-way radio batteries in hazardous, flammable environments. Perfect for firefighters, miners, oil refineries, and areas where theres a risk of explosion.

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