All about the Motorola R7

Motorola R7 Quick Features

  • Adaptive dual microphone noise suppression
  • Automatic acoustic feedback suppression
  • Intelligent audio
  • Thin and durable design

What accessories can be used with the Motorola R7 Two-Way radio?

  • Surveillance Kit
  • Extra or Replacement Batteries
  • Speaker Microphones
  • Communication Headsets

To learn more about these accessories...

Motorola PMLN8342 Comparable 2 Wire Surveillance Kit for Motorola R7

motorola-r7-surveillance-kit_800x__PID:e9d4ec38-099a-43ef-be0a-3c4ba91cb313Buy Here

Motorola PMMN4140 Comparable Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone for Motorola R7 Radio

wx-8005-r7-1_800x__PID:5d71dfa7-e426-408e-aaaf-af9041550e30Buy Here

2250 Mah Li-Ion Battery for Motorola R7 Radio

pmnn4809impresbattery_800x__PID:60e8ce4d-f900-44e1-8a2b-7caa8c58d9e0Buy Here

Still not sure what accessory is best for you?

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