BT-023406-003 Harris P7300 Battery 2700mAh NiMH WB# WV-BT-023406-003

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Harris P7300 Battery 2700mAh NiMH. This aftermarket Harris P7300 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications of the original Harris battery. All of our Batteries have been tested for use in military, and law enforcement agencies nationwide. Compare and Save!

Additional compatible portable two way radio models:
Harris P5300 Harris P5370 Harris P5400
Harris P5450 Harris P5470 Harris P7300
Harris P7350 Harris P7370 M/A-Com P5370
M/A-Com P5400 M/A-Com P5450 M/A-Com P5470
M/A-COM P7300 M/A-Com P7350, M/A-Com P7370

Equivalent to: Ma-Com Ericsson 023406-001

WaveBand Part# WV-BT-023406-003

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Warranty Information 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all packs tested/guaranteed to work in the OEM radio and OEM charger? Yes, all of our battery packs are designed and engineered to work with OEM chargers including but not limited to Harris, Kenwood, Motorola Impress, Motorola Impress 2, BK technologies, ICOM, and most major radio manufacturers.  If compatibility issues arise we will resolve the problem within 48 hours of being notified.

What is the warranty policy for a Waveband Two-Way Radio Battery Pack?

Waveband Nickel Metal Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride Two-Way Radio Battery Packs are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of the purchase. Waveband warrants that it's two-way radio battery packs will maintain 80% of their rated capacity during these 12 months. Waveband Lithium Polymer two-way radio battery packages are guaranteed to maintain 80% of their rated capacity for 24 months from the original date of purchase.  You find our warranty policy for our high-quality two-way radio batteries at

What type of quality assurance do you offer with your two-way radio batteries? All Waveband batteries are manufactured at ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities that are committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products within ROHS standards. All of our two-way radio batteries undergo rigorous testing including temperature, vibration, shock, drop, short circuit and overcharge to ensure unmatched dependability.

Do you offer intrinsically safe two-way radio batteries?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of intrinsically safe two-way radio battery packs that are certified by SGS to  TIA-4950 / CSA C22.2 No. 157 / UL 913 5th Edition standard for intrinsically safe use (Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F, G, T3C) and non-incendive use (Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T3C).  You can find all of Waveband Communications intrinsically safe two-way radio battery packs at

We have Motorola impress chargers will your batteries work with our chargers?

We have made significant investments in developing smart technology batteries that can automate the battery conditioning process providing unmatched dependability. Our smart batteries can extend battery life and will display critical battery data on impress branded chargers. You can find more info on our smart batteries at

Do Waveband batteries have National Stock Numbers? We currently offer a limited number of products with National Stock Numbers however we encourage you to apply to have our products added to the government's NSN directory since this process is to be initiated by the customer. You can find more information on how to add our products to the National Stock Number directory at


Do you offer your two-way radio batteries on GSA Advantage? Yes, you can find a variety of our high-quality two-way radio batteries on GSA Advantage. Below is a listing of batteries available by popular two radio models.  

Harris P7100 battery.

Motorola APX battery 

Motorola XTS battery 

Kenwood TK5400 battery 

Harris XG-75 battery 

Relm/Bk Technologies KNG battery 

Vertex Standard battery 

Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes, any battery order over $299 receives free standard shipping.

Note: All government customers are exempt from tax.  The tax will be excluded once the checkout is completed. 












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