Waveband single station charger for Harris P5200 Series Handheld Radio

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Our chargers have been in operation by law enforcement professionals nationwide since 2003. Customers include police, Fire, Security, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Please note:
This charger is capable of charging all Lithium-based chemistry batteries.

Also Compatible with the following Harris L/3 radio models:


M A-Com 700Pi,
M A-Com Jaguar 700P,
M A-Com P5100,
M A-Com P5130,
M A-Com P5150,
M A-Com P5200,
M A-Com P7100,
M A-Com P7130.
MA-Com P7150,
M A-Com P7170,
M A-Com P7200M A-Com P7230
M A-Com P7250M A-Com P7270GE, Ericsson 700Pi
GE, Ericsson Jaguar 700PGE, Ericsson P5100GE, Ericsson P5130
GE, Ericsson P5150GE, Ericsson P5200GE, Ericsson P7100
GE, Ericsson P7130GE, Ericsson P7150GE, Ericsson P7170
GE, Ericsson P7200GE, Ericsson P7230GE, Ericsson P7250
GE, Ericsson P7270


Frequently Asked Questions:




What is included with a Waveband two-way radio charger?



Our chargers include an AC adapter, wall plug, comprehensive user manual, and interchangeable adapter plates. The interchangeable plates allow the charger to be used with different radio models for future use.



Are you able to charge the battery while it's attached to the two-way radio?



Yes, you can charge Waveband or OEM batteries while they are attached to the radio.



How long will it take to charge my two-way radio battery with a Waveband two-way radio charger?



Charge time depends on the capacity of the battery. Battery capacity is measured in Mil Amp Hours (Mah). The higher the Mah of the battery, the longer it will take to charge. Typically, Waveband chargers can fully charge your battery within 3-4 hours.



Will the charger work with OEM batteries?



Our chargers are designed to charge Waveband manufactured two-way radio batteries AND OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) two-way radio batteries from major radio models including but not limited to Motorola, Kenwood, Harris, BK Technologies and more. Here is our charger guide for more information.



What is the warranty?



Our charger warranty policy is 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and workmanship.



How do I know when my battery is fully charged?



Our six bank and desktop two-way portable radio chargers are equipped with status LED lights which indicate the charge cycle. When a battery is placed on the charger a red LED status will illuminate, indicating a normal charge. When the battery reaches 80% capacity, the LED status will illuminate a flashing green. The LED status will indicate a solid green, meaning a fully charged battery.



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