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When only the best will do, choose Waveband for your two way radio accessory needs!

Waveband Communications is committed to improving your critical radio communications. We only offer products that are equal to or better than OEM quality and reliability. From batteries that last up to 48 hours between charges to wireless audio accessories, Waveband provides products for every radio customer. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can improve your radio communication.

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Ahorrar $300.99
Motorola APX 6-bank ChargerMotorola APX 6-bank Charger
Ahorrar $124
Batería de Harris XL-200P 5 Paquete 5000 Batería mAhBatería de Harris XL-200P 5 Paquete 5000 Batería mAh
Ahorrar $20.05
Harris XG-75 Micrófono con altavoz de radioHarris XG-75 Micrófono con altavoz de radio
Ahorrar $21.19
Motorola RLN4941A AuricularMotorola RLN4941A Auricular
Ahorrar $15.49
Antena de 700/800 Mhz para radios portátiles Kenwood
Ahorrar $27.49
Funda de cuero Motorola APX8000XEFunda de cuero Motorola APX8000XE
Ahorrar $49.24
Kit de vigilancia de dos hilos Harris XL-200Kit de vigilancia de dos hilos Harris XL-200
Ahorrar $200.99
Ruido Cancelling Headset for Motorola APX 6000 Series Portable RadioRuido Cancelling Headset for Motorola APX 6000 Series Portable Radio
Ahorrar $30.73
Motorola ZMN6032A KitMotorola ZMN6032A Kit
Ahorrar $31.99
Kenwood NX-210 Lapel Speaker MicKenwood NX-210 Lapel Speaker Mic
Ahorrar $90.99
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker MicMicrófono de altavoz inalámbrico WV - bth - 510 - r5
Ahorrar $200
Comply™ Canal Tips Dispenser box. 100 ear tipsMilitary-grade Comply eartips


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