Two-Way Radio Holsters

Two-Way Radio Holsters

Securely attach your radio snug to your belt and protect it from accidental drops, scratches, and weather.

Waveband Communications Two-Way Radio Holster

Heavy Duty Cases for Motorola, Kenwood, and Harris Radios

Back of Case with Stitching

Genuine Cowhide Leather

Strong and durable designed to last. Field tested in over 30 countries.

Swivel Belt Loop Attachment Laying Beside Case

Swivel, Belt Loop, Clip and D Ring Options

Cases that fit anyone's style and comfort

United States of America Flag Over Cowhide Leather

Made in the United States of America

Designed and manufactured in the USA

United States of America Flag Over Cowhide Leather

Fits a Standard 2.25" Duty Belt

Holds secure and tight around a standard duty belt. 

Trusted and Used By

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Howard County Fire and Rescue Logo
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office
Corpus Christi Police Logo

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Holsters Designed for Firefighters

Radio Holster with Two D Rings on Top

D Ring Style Case

D Rings allow for shoulder straps to attach to your holster. Used most popular by Firefighters

Leather Shoulder Straps

Attach leather shoulder straps to your holster and carry your portable radio over your shoulder and across your chest instead of your belt.

Leather Shoulder Strap with Clips to Attach to Case