Bring Audio to Your Ear

Mute any sounds from your speaker microphone or two-way radio and listen covertly.

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Acoustic Tube Earpiece

  • Our Best Sellers
  • For 3.5mm Accessory Jack Size
  • Removable Acoustic Tube and Tip to replace for comfort and hygiene
  • Available in 10' and 18' lengths

Over the Ear Earpiece

  • For 3.5mm Accessory Jack Size
  • Sits on the outside of your ear
  • Short coiled cable
  • Good when used with hearing aids

Used and Trusted By

D-Shape Over the Earpiece

  • Movable to fit any shape and size ear
  • Foam speaker
  • For 3.5mm jack size
  • Comfortable even after hours of use

2.5mm Receive Only Earpiece

For smaller size accessory jack sizes.

  • Right angle plug
  • Removable acoustic tube and tip

"Ear piece is very comfortable almost to the point you don’t realize you’re wearing it. The sound quality is good.